New Mexico sentenced in Arizona ammunition-smuggling case

Published 11-03-2018

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TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) - A 21-year-old New Mexico man arrested in an Arizona border town faces prison time for trying to help smuggle ammunition into Mexico.

A federal judge in Tucson on Thursday sentenced Francisco Guerra-Franco of Los Lunas to 33 months in prison on convictions for facilitation to smuggle goods from the United States and false statements to a federal agent.

Guerra-Franco previously pleaded guilty.

Prosecutors say Guerra-Franco purchased 12,000 rounds of ammunition using money wired to his bank account by a co-conspirator in Mexico and had the ammunition in his truck during a traffic stop in Nogales, Arizona.

According to prosecutors, Guerra-Franco intended to meet with the co-conspirator who would smuggle the ammunition into Mexico.

Prosecutors say Guerra-Franco also made false statements to agents about three rifles he had previously acquired.

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