Routed New Mexico GOP works to recover amid unclear leaders

Published 11-20-2018

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - The Republican Party of New Mexico suffered historic losses in statewide and legislative races this month and now must regroup without a clear leader.

Rising stars were defeated, infighting stalled fundraising and President Donald Trump's unpopularity in the nation's most Hispanic state reversed all the GOP's historic gains four years ago.

Republicans lost all statewide races, the governorship and all U.S. House contests. Democrats also strengthen their numbers in the New Mexico House.

Republican former state senator and blogger Rod Adair says the party needs to recruit young members and diverse candidates to appeal to independents.

State Rep. Kelly Fajardo, a Los Lunas Republican, says the party also should recruit more business-oriented women to run for office.

On Sunday, House Republicans elected Rep. James Townsend, a 63-year-old Artesia, New Mexico, retiree, as its minority leader.

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